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  • Ercol — is the name of a British furniture manufacturer. The firm dates back to 1920, when it was established in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, as Furniture Industries by Lucian Ercolani (1888–1976). In 1944, Ercol was contracted by the government Board… …   Wikipedia

  • Дембовский Эркол — (Ercol Dembowski) астроном любитель (1812 1881), сын польского эмигранта. Окончив курс морской школы в Венеции, Д. участвовал во многих морских кампаниях; по слабости здоровья вынужден был выйти в отставку и в 1842 году поселился в Неаполе, где… …   Энциклопедический словарь Ф.А. Брокгауза и И.А. Ефрона

  • Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers — The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London. The organisation was formed in 1951, and the City granted it Livery status in 1963. The Company generally promotes the trade by awarding scholarship… …   Wikipedia

  • Lucian Ercolani — Lucian Randolph Ercolani (1888–1976), furniture designer, was born in St Angelo, Tuscany, Italy. His father, Abdon Ercolani, a pictureframe maker, migrated to London, England, in search of work, and in 1898 was joined by his family. Lucian… …   Wikipedia

  • Ariadne — ARIADNE, es, (⇒ Tab. XX.) des Minos II, und der Pasiphae, oder, auch nach andern der Crete Tochter, Apollod. lib. IV. c. 1. §. 2. verliebete sich in den Theseus, als solcher unter den Atheniensern, welche dem Minotaurus sollten vorgeworfen werden …   Gründliches mythologisches Lexikon

  • Marsyas — MARSŶAS, æ, Gr. Μαρσύας, ου, ein Satyr, der auch Masses nach einigen geheißen. Plutarch. de musica. p. 1133. T. II. Opp. Man giebt ihn für des Olympus, Apollod. l. I. c. 4. §. 2. oder, nach andern, des Oeagrus, Hygin Fab. 165. und, nach den… …   Gründliches mythologisches Lexikon

  • High Wycombe — This article is about the town in the United Kingdom. For the suburb of Perth, see High Wycombe, Western Australia. Coordinates: 51°37′43″N 0°44′54″W / 51.628661°N 0.748238 …   Wikipedia

  • Bentwood — is a term used to describe furniture made by steaming wood, bending it, and letting it harden into curved shapes and patterns, and is most often used in the production of rocking chairs, cafe chairs, and other light furniture. The process was… …   Wikipedia

  • MESSENGER — Caractéristiques Organisation …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Bacchvs — BACCHVS, i, Gr. Βάκχος, ου, (⇒ Tab. X. & ⇒ XVI.) 1 §. Namen. Diesen soll er, nach einigen, von βαχέω, ich heule, ich kreische, haben; Eustath. ap. Ludov Vivem ad Augustin. de C. D. lib. VI. c. 9. wogegen ihn andere von ἴακχος, und dieses wieder… …   Gründliches mythologisches Lexikon

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